School Improvements

School staff were extremely busy over the summer holiday working on school improvements. The old nursery building – now named Woodpecker room (after the regular visitor to the tree opposite the office) has a very new look and is being used daily for lunches, small teaching groups and music lessons. The toilets have been replaced so are now full-sized and have full-height doors: huge thanks go to the generous donations from two of our parents and hard work from volunteers to install. They also have built access steps from the field to the patio area where the picnic tables have been relocated.

Children in Skylark classroom are able to enjoy the extra space they now have to use and they also have an outside covered area so they are able to play outside in all weathers. We have been able to update some of the Early Years outside equipment using the very generous donation of £1000 from Tesco’s from their ‘Bags for Life’ token collection.