A Church of England School

St Thomas a Becket is a Church of England (Aided) Primary School; it is aided by the Local Authority but is owned by the trustees, on behalf of the Diocese of Salisbury.  It is a community school with a distinctive religious Christian character.


A few examples of what that means in our school are:

      • our ethos and learning are linked to Christianity, Jesus’ teachings and the Bible
      • our Golden Rules are linked to the Bible
      • our themes for Worship  are linked to the Bible
      • prayer is an important part of the school day
      • all staff lead and teach as Christians.


At St Thomas à Becket we thread opportunities for awe and wonder throughout the school. By nurturing the spirit we create precious moments which inspire us to reflect upon big questions, to transform ourselves as well as the world around us and beyond.


Governing Body

Church (foundation) governors have an absolute majority over all other governors. A proportion of foundation governors are also parents. A chair is elect by all governors.
The parish priest is an ex officio member of the governing body.


Teaching Staff

Staff are appointed and employed by the governors and paid by the LA. Governors must seek evidence of Christian commitment from applications for teaching posts.



New building and repairs are the responsibility of the governors who must contribute 10% (from the school budget) towards costs.


Religious Education

Governors have chosen to base this on the LA syllabus, which reflects
Anglican traditions