Art and Design

Art and Design Intent

I am an artist.


You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou, author, poet, civil rights activist


At St Thomas à Becket, we believe in fostering an open-ended exploration of creativity. We want it to stimulate imagination and creativity and involve children in a range of visual, tactile and sensory experiences, which enable them to communicate what they see, think and feel through the use of the elements of colour, texture, form and pattern.  At St Thomas à Becket, Art and Design promotes careful observation and an appreciation of the world around us. We believe the role of the teacher is to introduce key skills, materials and ideas to the pupils in such a way that each pupil can then explore his or her own creativity. By creating a safe and nurturing environment, pupils are encouraged to take creative risks and to learn from the journey, rather than head towards a pre-defined end result. Children explore ideas and meanings through studying the work of artists and designers. Through learning about the roles and functions of art, they can explore the impact it has had on contemporary life and on different periods and cultures.

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