Kestrel Cafe

Y5 & 6 had a fantastic morning at Kestrel Cafe! We had two teams: one front of house and one in the kitchen. The children cooked a delicious English breakfast for them all to enjoy at the ‘restaurant’. The benefits of having small class sizes is that every child was able to be involved. The class are looking forward to next term when they hope to be able to cook for special guests from the local community.

Maths Week England


An exciting week ahead as we participate in this national event to promote the importance of mathematics in our world. Throughout the week, the children will enjoy a range of activities and stories to see how mathematics links to science, engineering, art, DT, physical movement and how it is used in our daily lives. We also be competing in the Mathematics World Cup – watch this space for photos of our achievements!

Values Day


Yesterday, we spent the day revisiting our six core Christian values: Friendship, Truth, Respect, Thankfulness, Forgiveness and Perseverance.  The children spent the day taking part in six different activities to learn about each value.  Reverend Stéphane came in at different points in the day to help us reflect on our learning.

Hot Chocolate Friday

Each week the children can win golden raffle tickets for living out our core Christian values.  Those who win a ticket are invited to Hot Chocolate Friday to celebrate.  The children get the whole caboodle: marshmallows and squirty cream!

A rainbow of hope

You may have noticed a very colourful rainbow on our school railings.  Reverend Eleanor came into school for the morning to carry out an extended Collective Worship.  The rainbow has many meanings, and we actually have one on our school vision vessel to represent our seven learning behaviours.  This rainbow is also a symbol for hope for a healthy and happy year ahead.