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Learning to count numbers up to 10

Caterpillar ordering and sequencing

Crickweb has lots of different games suitable for early years.

Here are some that are useful:

Initial sounds

Count with Lecky

Colouring sequence

Year 1:


Splat number square to find patterns and numbers.

Guess the number:

Place value:

Caterpillar ordering and sequencing

Phonics games:

Go onto free phonics play. On the side click on phase 4 (green). Chn to choose a game.

Early Years and Key Stage 1

This is a video on how to pronounce phonemes (smallest unit of sound). This is how your child should be pronouncing these sounds.

Number songs:


Numbers in their teens start with a 1

Everybody get up (the counting song)

Numeracy for KS1 and KS2
Copy and paste the following we addresses to access these websites:

For multiplication tables practice –

For a good range of interactive curriculum activities -: