Learning Powers


At St Thomas à Becket School we think it is very important that children understand that they are learners and that they have a role to play as a learner.  We therefore believe that children should be taught how to learn and that there are certain skills they can develop which will mean they are more effective and successful lifelong learners.  We have developed a set of ‘super learning powers’ with the children and these help them to become better learners.


Each Learning power is represented by an animal that shares similar characteristics and those animals are displayed around the school.  When a child shows they have one of the powers they earn a house point for their house team.


Our Learning Powers are:


I persevere

·        I can keep going (even when things are difficult)

·        I can try different strategies if something doesn’t work

·        I practise lots

·        I start again if things go wrong

·        I can ask for help

·        I take a brain break and return to my work refreshed

I am resilient

·        I have a positive attitude

·        I have confidence and self-belief

·        I show everyone what I can do

·        I am prepared to make a mistake and learn from it

·        I bounce back

I am co-operative

·        I can work with others

·        I support and listen to others

·        I can explain things to help others

·        I am tolerant

·        I respect different ideas

·        I say if don’t understand

·        I can make compromises

·        I join in, share ideas and learn from others

I am up for a challenge

·        I take risks

·        I always give something a try

·        I don’t worry if it goes wrong

·        I am excited to try new things

·        I know I can do it if I practise

·        I feel proud of my achievements

·        I can imagine my intelligence growing by the minute!

·        I use what have learnt in new situations


I am imaginative and creative


·        I am curious and ask questions

·        I notice things

·        I can think up new ideas

·        I am keen to find out answers

·        I enjoy discovering and exploring new things

·        I look for patterns and connections

·        I can apply learning in new situations

·        I can solve problems

·        I can delve deeper

I am reflective

·        I try to be better than last time

·        I have high expectations

·        I can review and evaluate my work

·        I can identify my best bits

·        I can ask for help and act on feedback

·        I can take small steps and improve one thing first

·        I can analyse what has happened

I am hard working

·        I can stay on task

·        I am enthusiastic and engaged in learning

·        I listen carefully

·        I can work independently

·        I am organised and prepared

·        I think carefully about the next steps

·        I focus on the task and manage distractions

·        I make your own decisions

·        I don’t compare myself to others, only me