Religious Education

Religious Education

The Christian ethos is very strong and very valued in our school.  We mark the church’s liturgical year by celebrations such as the Christmas nativity play, pancake races and celebrating harvest.  In RE, Christianity is the main religion studied with an alternative religion studied and compared to Christianity each year. Other faiths studied are Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam. Our programme of study covers a range of religious questions, knowledge based learning and is often linked to art and craft, drama or ICT.

We use Understanding Christianity to support our teaching of Christianity.  We aim to see pupils leave school with a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice. Pupils will explore the significant theological concepts within Christianity as part of developing their wider religious, theological and cultural literacy.  Understanding Christianity’s approach to teaching about Christianity builds up pupils’ encounters with biblical concepts through texts, placing them within the wider Bible story. We use Discovery RE to teach the religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.

Discovery RE is based on a 4 step enquiry model: Understanding Christianity on a 3 step
enquiry model that flows between Text: Impact: Connections.  Understanding Christianity delivers progression through exploring core Christian concepts while Discovery RE explores core concepts and beliefs through key questions.

Children are helped to understand the main beliefs of other religions and how we as a community can live alongside each other with mutual respect and tolerance for all people, regardless of their faith or lack of faith.


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