School Vision Vessel



Our vision for our school is that, like mustard seeds, we nurture our children so they are able to grasp opportunities with confidence and continue to grow and flourish. Our world is vast, beautiful and full of awe and wonder, but is also a place of risk and challenge where we have to be fully equipped with the tools needed for life in all its fullness.


The jet plane characterises St Thomas à Becket CEVA Primary School, blasting into the sky.  It is a vessel that takes us to new and exciting places with our faith and learning. The Earth represents our community, our base for exploration and somewhere we can return to at any point in our lives.


The plane crew are our children; they are special, courageous and willing to take steps out into the unknown. They guide their learning and drive forward all that we do. The teachers and staff are on board represented by the passengers, working with the children to make the journey purposeful and enjoyable. The wings of the jet are the governors, keeping the plane steady and guiding with wisdom.  The jet engines epitomise the enthusiasm of our parents, supporting the children in their readiness to learn.


On our journey around the world, the staff work with the children to encourage them to accept challenges and take risks in pursuit of our core values:  perseverance, truth, forgiveness, respect, thankfulness and friendship. These are denoted by the stars in the sky which the children can reach to achieve as they develop their spirituality and learning.


From the plane the children and staff look out of the windows and can see the sun signifying the light of God:  life giving, omnipresent and a guiding light through our daily lives. The moon symbolises our church with its vision for hope, dignity, community and wisdom; reflecting the light of God, encouraging and supporting us as we grow in faith.


As those on board the plane gaze out they become aware of the world in new ways and wonder about life’s ‘wows’.  The rainbow represents the learning the children have gathered through our creative curriculum and enrichment experiences such as school trips and visitors.  Children reflect on their learning which encourages them to meditate on life’s big questions and to consider possible answers; to learn from life and explore their own insights and perspectives and those of others.


When our children they leave the plane at the end of their St Thomas à Becket Voyage they have grown tall and strong like a mustard tree, equipped for the next stage in their learning journey.