Welcome to Skylark Class!

We have 15 lovely children in Skylarks class from Reception to Year 2. Our teacher is Miss Stobbart and our teaching assistant is Mrs Priddin.

We have a fantastic, bright, well-resourced classroom, with a creative area for indoor learning & play and a safe, enclosed outdoor area that is always accessible (with boots and waterproofs ready for rainy days!).

In Early years, children have access to a range of resources in our classroom and outdoor area where they can be creative and take ownership of their learning. We plan activities and enhancements and children are taught phonics on a daily basis to develop their knowledge of blending and segmenting sounds. Adults support children by introducing them to new experiences, concepts and skills. 


In Term 6, our topic is ‘By The Seaside.’

Curriculum Map – At the Seaside EYFS

Curriculum Map – At The Seaside Y1 and 2



Things to remember for this year:


Reading books:

Children are expected to read on a daily basis and reading books are changed daily at school so please remember to bring book bags in everyday.

Each week children will have:

*A phonetically decodable reading book

*A reading book for fun


Year 2 Homework:

From the beginning of Term 6, an activity from the homework grid below will need to be handed in each Monday. This is for Year 2 children only. 

Homework Grid – Y2

Children are expected to access ‘Spelling Shed’ and ‘Maths Shed’ to complete set tasks everyday.

Tasks on Spelling Shed vary according to the group your child is in for Phonics in school. Please see the lists below for the spellings for Term 6.

Term 6 Spellings Miss Stobbart’s Phonics Group

Term 6 Spellings Mrs Priddin’s Phonics Group


PE with Mr Oakley is on Wednesdays.

Please make sure that full P.E kits are available in school all week.


Golden Time is on Friday afternoons – The class will decide on their weekly treat with their class teacher and parents will be informed if they need to bring anything in.


‘Show and Tell’: Children in Reception and Year 1 can bring in something to talk about every Friday.



Useful websites:

These are some websites we use with the children so they will be familiar with most. They especially enjoy singing the number songs!



Ordering and sequencing numbers-


Crickweb has lots of different games suitable for early years.

Here are some that are useful:

Initial sounds

Count with Lecky

Colouring sequence


Year 1:

Splat number square to find patterns and numbers.

Guess the number:


Phonics games for all

Go onto free phonics play. On the side there will be links to the different phases.

Reception- phase 2 (Orange) or phase 3 (purple)

Year 1-phase 4 (green) or phase 5 (pink)

children can choose the sound they would like.



This is a video on how to pronounce phonemes (smallest unit of sound). This is how your child should be pronouncing these sounds.

Here is a powerpoint with more information about phonics:

Phonics for parents


Number songs:


Numbers in their teens start with a 1

Everybody get up (the counting song)