Teaching Values

Each term we focus on a different Christian value. By listening to Bible stories, stories of everyday life or learning about famous people or events we talk about what that value means to Christians, ourselves and how it applies to our everyday and school life.


Values are taught as the Collective Worship themes over a year.  Other values are explored in subsequent years; each term we focus on a different value which we link to the core value.


Core value

(year 1: 2018 – 19)


Links to  core value

(year 2: 2019 – 20)


Links to core value

(year 3: 2020 – 21)

Friendship Trust Community
Respect Service Dignity
Truth Justice Hope
Forgiveness Compassion Peace
Thankfulness Generosity Joy
Perseverance Courage Wisdom

You can download a pdf information leaflet for these values which can be used at home should you wish to talk to your children about them:












Values and our Curriculum

We use our core Christian Values of Friendship, Forgiveness, Respect, Truth, Thankfulness and Perseverance to promote positive attitudes to learning throughout the curriculum.  The following document shows how our values relate to each area of our curriculum.  This reflects the values and skills needed to promote responsibility for learning and future success so all can flourish.


Curriculum and Values