Things they say


I had a great week at the school with eight great young Riders. All of them were an absolute pleasure to have met and worked with as well as being a total credit to the school!

New parent Feedback

Thanks for such a great first half term for our daughter. We are so happy we chose St Thomas à Becket Primary School.

Remembrance Service at Chitterne Church

Following the service involving the Village and Church Communities very many people fed back at the time or contacted us afterwards to comment on the exemplary behaviour of all pupils, including the youngest.  Despite having to stand outside in the cold for some time and participate in a quiet and sombre event they all involved themselves in the service and remained respectful.  We were proud of them all.

In the words of the Rabbi

The Rabbi Zvi came to talk to all the children to share how he practices aspects of the Jewish faith, celebrations and traditions.  The children were enthralled and fascinated to hear the links between his faith and Christianity. He complemented the children on their exemplary behaviour, their obvious love of RE and said how apparent it was that they had been taught well.  He said they were so lucky to be here! Great comments especially as he spends his time visiting numerous schools across the country.

Chalke Valley History Visit

The organisers of the Chalke Valley History Festival contacted us after the Year 6 end of year visit to say that they were very impressed with the enthusiasm and behaviour of our children and the professionalism and energy of the adults with them.

Thank you

We would like to say a big THANK YOU for all your hard work! I know in this job you don’t get many ‘Thank yous’ but you are always first to hear everyone’s moans and groans. St Thomas à Becket is a lovely school and my girls are so happy. It was so special to see my daughter up the front in assembly today. She has such confidence already and she hasn’t even started reception!!!

Reception child: Who is this God?

We learnt a new song at school today all about God’s hands holding the whole world. Who is this God who can hold us all in his hand?

Happy at school!

A parent of one of our reception class children asked her daughter what made her happy. ‘School’ she replied!


For Belyse.


We talk a lot in school about extending Christian values to each other and have developed this into discussing Christian action in the wider community. Last year we raised a lot of money for local charities, this year we have extended this action to the wider world . We have just started to sponsor a child, Belyse, through Action Aid.

One of our Year 1 children arrived with a small poly bag of chopped green beans for Harvest Festival. He had been out into the garden that morning, picked them himself, taken them indoors to chop and found a bag to put them in. He told his mother they were for our little girl in Africa. What a lovely example of a small child extending Christian values.

Good, thank you.

“How are you today?” our reception teacher asked one of our new children.

“I’m good.” she replied. “And,” she added, ” Do you know why I’m good? Well, I’m good because my mum and dad chose such a lovely school.”

I don’t think we can ask for a better endorsement than that!

Celebration assembly.

It has been a pleasure to have our first parents joining us for Friday’s Celebration Assembly. The feedback was excellent. ‘I had no idea what the children did in assembly, it was lovely to see,’ said one.

Our clever school.

Saying a prayer today one of the children in Kestrels included the line, ‘Thank you for competitions (ref a 500 word story competitions we are entering) so that we can enter them and show everyone that all the children in this school are good enough to take part’.

So Proud

Our supportive, family atmosphere was summed up at a recent football match. One of our team scored a great goal. A dad running up the sidelines beamed and turned to me saying, ‘I’m so proud, so proud.’

Of course, you say any dad would be – but it wasn’t even his son!!!




‘What sort of school is this?’ asked a sports coach who visited. Bemused I say an ordinary state primary school. ‘What amazing behaviour,’ he replies. ‘How fab to have a club where I can really teach the children.’ Well done Sports Club members.