Current List of Governors  Category appointed by Start dateEnd date
SaraZacks-McGoldrickParent Parents 22/2/18 22/2/22
JackieHarrison-CapperLocal Authority LA12/11/2015 11/11/2019
SallyKyte Foundation PCC 31/10/2016 30/10/2020
FrancesLangston Clerk FGB 02/02/2012 ufn
AnnaBishop StaffStaff 01/09/2017 ufn
VictoriaMackayFoundation PCC 01/09/2014 31/08/2018
LisaMeredith Head ex-officio 01/09/2017 ufn
NicholasParkerFoundation PCC 13/07/2016 12/07/2020
EleanorRance Rector Diocese 01/10/2013 ufn

  Business interestsConnection to staff or other governors
ChristinePearson None None
JackieHarrison-Capper None None
Sally Kyte None None
FrancesLangston None None
Victoria Mackay None None
LisaMeredith None None
Nicholas Parker tbc None
Eleanor Rance None None
StephaneJavelle None None
AnnaBishop None None

Attendance at meetings PositionEducation committeeBusiness CommitteeFull Governing Body
Christine PearsonCurriculum:PEno absences no absences no absences
Jackie Harrison-CapperVice chair
Health & Safety
not a member one absenceno absences
FrancesLangston Clerkno absences no absencesno absences
Victoria MackayChair of Education committee
two absences not a member three absences
Lisa Meredith Headno absences no absencesone absence
NicholasParker Chairno absences no absencesno absences
Eleanor Rance Staffing committee 5 absences not a memberthree absences
Stephane Javelle curriculum:literacynot a member not a member
no absences
SallyKyteCurriculum: Early Yearsno absencesnot a memberone absence
Anna BishopEducation no absences n/ano absences

Governors who have resigned during the last 12 months

Current List of Governors CategoryAppointed byStart dateEnd date
Patrick LongParentParents 1/11/201622/07/2017
Gillian MurrayFoundationPCC01/06/1408/01/2018