Our Curriculum

At St Thomas à Becket Primary School we firmly believe that children learn best when they are happy and excited about their learning and so we have planned a creative and engaging curriculum that the children and teachers are excited about.  As a consequence, our children enjoy their learning and reach a high level of achievement in academic subjects.


In order that children learn to become lifelong learners we use a skills based approach as well as developing a broad and balanced curriculum to covering the knowledge required by the government’s National Curriculum.  We ensure that children progress in skills as well as knowledge as they progress through the school.


We have developed a 4 year rolling program of topics and themes to ensure that requirements are met and children can develop their skills and knowledge as they progress though the school.  In order to develop this program the staff looked at the national curriculum for both Key Stages in all subjects.  We have the additional challenge of mixed-year classes so within these topics the teachers will plan work that is appropriate for the children’s age and skills sets.  The rolling program is a guide and is flexible to allow for change to follow the children’s interests.  Each term a curriculum web showing more detail of work planned will be published on the Class Pages on our website and a copy given to parents.


Our rolling programme of topics: Four year rolling programme


Literacy and numeracy are key to our daily teaching and these subjects are taught following the National Curriculum with links made in literacy to the topic where appropriate.  It is crucial that our children are given every opportunity to reach their full potential in these areas.  The National Curriculum is laid out with targets for each year group and, whilst we work to these yearly targets, teaching and learning is planned to enable each child to work at their own level whether it is working towards these targets or above.  We aim for good progress and the best possible attainment for each child.


At Key Stage 1, phonics is taught using a mixture of Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Hamilton Trust’s resources.  We don’t use one single reading scheme but a range to suit individual needs and interests including Oxford Reading Tree and Dandelion Launchers and Readers.


Literacy National Curriculum:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3 & 4

Year 5 & 6


Numeracy is taught daily. Each year group is taught the skills and knowledge they need to acquire. Maths skills are consolidated using problem solving and puzzle solving activities. Children who are very competent at age-related activities will be challenged with further skills and knowledge and application of these skills and knowledge.


Maths National Curriculum:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


The Christian ethos is very strong and very valued in our school.  We mark the church’s liturgical year by celebrations such as the Christmas nativity play, pancake races and celebrating harvest.  In RE, Christianity is the main religion studied with an alternative religion studied and compared to Christianity each year. Other faiths studied are Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Islam. Our programme of study covers a range of religious questions, knowledge based learning and is often linked to art and craft, drama or ICT.


The full primary curriculum is available on the following link:



Progression of skills by subject:

Art skills progression

DT KS1 skills progression

DT KS2 skills progression

French skills progression

Geography skills progression

History skills progression

Music skills progression

Rolling Programme of study for RE