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We offer our parents the option of flexi-schooling their children. This is where a child attends school for part of the week and learns at home for the rest of it. This can be an ideal compromise for some families and is becoming increasingly popular.

Why flexi-school?

Some families opt to flexi-school so they can home educate their children whilst making use of school resources. Children with social and emotional difficulties have also benefitted. Other reasons why parents in the UK might choose flexi-schooling include, their child having an illness that makes full-time school difficult, having a phobia of school or returning to school gradually after a period of absence.

How to arrange flexi-schooling

Flexi-schooling is legal in the UK but it isn’t an automatic right, unlike full-time home education. It is entirely at the discretion of your school’s headteacher and you’ll need their permission before you can go ahead. You’ll need to prove to the headteacher that flexi-schooling is in the best interests of your child, for example by writing a proposal explaining the benefits for your child and practical examples of how the arrangement will work between the school and you.

How it works?

Even though you’ll have an official flexi-schooling arrangement with us, your child will be marked authorized absent on the register for the days they don’t attend. Your child will be required to follow the national curriculum whilst at school, but you don’t have to follow it at home. However, you’ll need to arrange the practicalities of the arrangement and we can help you with that.

The success of flexi-schooling depends on you and the school being able to work closely together. You’ll need to keep in regular contact about what your child is learning. You’re also likely to have to commit to your child being in school for set days each week, rather than being able to mix and match to suit your home education timetable.

If you are interested, please take at look at the Flexi-school policy or ask us for more information