EYFS Intent

‘Play is the highest form of research.’ – Albert Einstein.


At St Thomas à Becket, our Early Years Curriculum aims to lay a secure foundation for future academic success, rooted in a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning. We intend for our children to move into Year One as happy, confident, resilient, and skillful communicators with an innate curiosity about the world around them. However, we know that to be able to do this, children must feel safe and secure in our setting. Therefore, it is of primary importance to us to build positive relationships with our children right from the beginning of their time with us. It is our goal that children come to school each day filled with hope and joy as each new day brings a wealth of possibilities and opportunities for them to take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, share their feelings and grow. We aim to build on the wealth of knowledge and skills children already have when they join us and to work in collaboration with parents and carers to encourage independent, enthusiastic learners who thrive and reach their full potential throughout their educational journey.



Our EYFS setting meets the welfare requirements set out in the Early Years Statutory Framework. Staff have created a positive, welcoming and stimulating learning environment rooted in strong relationships. This ensures that our children feel safe and secure yet are challenged to achieve their best and strive to gain knowledge and skills. Our curriculum is carefully designed to recognise children’s prior learning, provide hands-on experiences and allow our children to develop personal, emotional and social skills. By setting out clear ‘milestones’ for the expected skills and knowledge at each stage of the Reception year, our children experience a robust curriculum which ensures they are ready for the rigor of the Key Stage One curriculum. However, these plans are adapted and amended to address the ever growing and changing needs and interests of our children. Additionally, our small class sizes allow us to provide a bespoke, personalised learning experience for each child taking into consideration their interests and passions. The learning experiences within our classroom are linked to the seven areas of learning and development within the EYFS, whilst considering the building of the characteristics of effective learners.  Our curriculum provides a play-based and experiential learning environment, with opportunities for both child and adult led learning. The children are provided with ample opportunities within both our indoor and outdoor provision and benefit from daily periods of sustained uninterrupted play. Through observation and discussion, areas of need and next steps are identified for our children to ensure good progress is made and next steps in development are met. WOW moments are recorded on Tapestry to be shared with parents at home.  Further to this, regular formative assessment points are scheduled, following the milestones which align to our curriculum, and followed up with pupil progress reviews to discuss individual children’s achievements, gaps in learning and emerging needs. Support and challenge are then planned for, along with adaptations for our planning, environment, provision, interactions and interventions as necessary.



The impact of our EYFS curriculum is reflected in having well rounded, joyful and confident children who demonstrate not only our core values but the knowledge, skills and attitudes which will make them lifelong learners and valuable members of our school community. Our children have developed knowledge and skills across all areas of the Early Years framework and are eager to learn more. They are problem solvers, risk takers, speakers and listeners, think creatively and critically, demonstrate perseverance and resilience, ask questions and show kindness, love and respect.


Continuous Provision Skills Progression

Skylark Class Vocabulary Spine


Communication and Language Curriculum Journey

Communication and Language Milestones


Expressive Arts and Design Curriculum Journey

Expressive Arts and Design Milestones


Literacy Curriculum Journey

Literacy Milestones


Maths Milestones


Personal, Social and Emotional Development Curriculum Journey

Personal, Social and Emotional Development Milestones


Physical Development Curriculum Journey

Physical Development Milestones


Understanding the World Curriculum Journey

Understanding the World Milestones