Safeguarding (child protection) means being proactive in ensuring that the school community, in its entirety, operates in a way that ensures children are safe from harm and flourish, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Below are some key details that help you understand how we go about safeguarding at St Thomas a Becket:

  • Appointed person (to whom any incident should be reported): Lisa Meredith
  • Deputy Appointed Person: Katie Scaplehorn
  • Safeguarding Governor: Nigel Anstey
  • The Single Central Record that holds the details, particularly Criminal Record Bureau checks is kept by Mrs Frances Langston.
  • All staff are trained from Level 1 to Level 3 in Safeguarding.
  • The Child Protection Policy is in the policies section of this web.
  • All school staff and volunteers are familiar with our Safeguarding Code of Conduct.
  • Please don’t forget any concerns related to the safety or well being of your child should be discussed with the head teacher.

The school always asks for parental permission for photographs to be taken at school. Photographs used in public forums i.e website, newspapers are not named. See our e-safety policy for more details (under policies section on this web-site.)


Actions from Audit 2020